ThePunkers release

The Punkers on a Sampler

Release March 13 2020

Track No.ArtistTitleLabelPlay TimeHardcopy Streaming
1.ThePunkersWait 2 (Live)Pancake Records00:04:33X X
2.ThePunkersMary Mary (Live)Pancake Records00:04:22X X
3.ThePunkersCome On (Live)Pancake Records00:21:40X X
4.ThePunkersShare Nuts (Live)Pancake Records00:11:30X X
5.ThePunkersMy Privat Dreams (Live)Pancake Records00:19:15X X
6.ThePunkersFunky Punkers (Live)Pancake Records00:12:23X X
  1. Darwin Sorjonen – Juopot metsämiehet (Tepa’s Tapas and Records)
  2. Rather Raccoon – Golden Days (Wolverine Records)
  3. ThePunkers – In Thesolid Way (Live) (Pancake Records)
  4. Hellgreaser – Bloody Mary (Vladek Records)
  5. Shout-Outs! – No Matter What (Wolverine Records)
  6. Atheist Rap – Ljuki (Defenders of the Universe)
  7. Skratty Moshers – End of the Story (Why Don’t You Feel the Same) (2A Records)
  8. Snap Decision – No One Cares (Snap D Records)
  9. Radio FM Trier – Gottes Werk (Online Records)
  10. Veljekset Perse – Joo, joo (Komitea)
  11. SWAN SONGS – Lacerations (Tide Breaker Rec.)
  12. D M P – Max Mustermann (30 Kilo Fieber Records)
  13. The Incredible Fake – !Yeh (Eigenverlag)

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