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Quack quack Donald trump

Stand stead hotel

Oh yes, we will build a wall
To Mexico on the border
They’re gonna pay for it

They’re all rapists and criminals
And bring drugs in our country

Yes we like all wrigley’s spearmint gum
Wrigley gum
Just for fun

Disney Disney land
Old Donald Trumb
Is presidend

Singing quak quak…

Hilary and Monica wants you
But who is who?
But who is who?

It’s like Disney Disney land
Old Donald Trumb
Is presidend

Quack quack

ThePunkers release

The Punkers on a Sampler

Release March 13 2020

Track No.ArtistTitleLabelPlay TimeHardcopy Streaming
1.ThePunkersWait 2 (Live)Pancake Records00:04:33X X
2.ThePunkersMary Mary (Live)Pancake Records00:04:22X X
3.ThePunkersCome On (Live)Pancake Records00:21:40X X
4.ThePunkersShare Nuts (Live)Pancake Records00:11:30X X
5.ThePunkersMy Privat Dreams (Live)Pancake Records00:19:15X X
6.ThePunkersFunky Punkers (Live)Pancake Records00:12:23X X
  1. Darwin Sorjonen – Juopot metsämiehet (Tepa’s Tapas and Records)
  2. Rather Raccoon – Golden Days (Wolverine Records)
  3. ThePunkers – In Thesolid Way (Live) (Pancake Records)
  4. Hellgreaser – Bloody Mary (Vladek Records)
  5. Shout-Outs! – No Matter What (Wolverine Records)
  6. Atheist Rap – Ljuki (Defenders of the Universe)
  7. Skratty Moshers – End of the Story (Why Don’t You Feel the Same) (2A Records)
  8. Snap Decision – No One Cares (Snap D Records)
  9. Radio FM Trier – Gottes Werk (Online Records)
  10. Veljekset Perse – Joo, joo (Komitea)
  11. SWAN SONGS – Lacerations (Tide Breaker Rec.)
  12. D M P – Max Mustermann (30 Kilo Fieber Records)
  13. The Incredible Fake – !Yeh (Eigenverlag)